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Updated: Feb 27

Live Virtual Tours are a wonderful way to explore the world from the comfort of home.

Live virtual tours are a convenient and inexpensive way to get a change of scenery without leaving home. Are you tired of sitting at home with nothing to do? Are you dying to get out and travel again? Let's Go Virtually offers the chance to explore exciting destinations around the globe from the comfort of your home. Imagine watching sea lion frolic in the Pacific Ocean in San Diego or exploring the Italian North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco. Now's your chance to meet a local and get an in-depth look into some of the most vibrant cities and towns across the globe.

Interactive Live Virtual Tours

With Let's Go Virtually's live virtual tours, attendees can ask questions live during the tour. Learn more about the ins-and-outs of the destination by interacting with the Virtual Tour Guide. The tours are meant to be interactive. Attendees can ask and answer questions, learning from others on the tour, as well as from the Tour Guide.

Live virtual tours
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Who Should Attend Live Virtual Tours?

With travel limitations in place due to COVID-19, the ability to visit your favorite destination might not be possible. A live virtual tour is the next best thing. Rather than watching a pre-recorded video of a popular city or town, Let's Go Virtually allows you to see a destination live.

For those who are too sick or unable to travel due to physical limitations, Let's Go Virtually's live virtual tours allows them to still see and feel the excitement of visiting places they love or have always wanted to explore.

So, you've always wanted to take your large family on an exotic vacation, but by the time you add up all the expenses of airfare, hotels, food, rental cars, souvenirs, etc., it is just out of your budget. By taking a live virtual tour, your family can still be exposed to cultures around the globe with the expense.

Are you planning an upcoming trip to a particular place? If you want to make the most of your trip, visiting the location virtually before going in-person is the best way to plan how you'll spend your time once you arrive. Let's Go Virtually's live virtual tours allow travelers a "try before you buy" type of experience.

Seeing Cities from the Streets

Our tours are done from the streets of popular towns and cities, not from a computer in a home office. They are live, on location, so each tour will be a new exciting and new.. Experience the live sights and sounds, learn from a local, see the change of seasons, meet others from around the globe.

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