Guide Resources

Managing Tours

How to add Tour dates/times to the website

Please watch this video to see how to do so: Or follow these step-by-step instructions after you Log in to To Add Tour Availability:

  1. Click Add Session in the top right (blue button) and select Class Session.
2. Select your town/city from the Class drop down menu. 3. Select your name under the Staff drop down menu. 4. Set the start time (will be in PST so adjust accordingly) and date you want to give your tour. 5. Duration - select 45 min. 6. Repeat - select what works for you. 7. Cick Save To Edit Current Tour Date/Time: 1. Click on Filter Calendar 2. Click on Staff Members 3. Click the check box next to All Staff to deselect all staff 4. Click on Your Name 5. Click the down arrow next to your name 6. Click Filter 7. Now you will only see your Tours 8. Click on a specific tour 9. Click edit 10. You can change the date/time or cancel.

How to know if someone has booked your Tour

You will receive an email from Let's Go Virtually when someone books one of your tours, with the Subject Line that says, "You Got a New Booking!" You can also check your calendar on Wix.

How to offer discount codes

As an incentive to attract people to book your tour, you can use the discount code TRY4FREE. This can be used as a "try your first tour for free" type of coupon. It can be used in any marketing materials, such as on social media, email, etc.

How to add photos to your Tour page

Upload images here for use on your Tour page: Be sure to include the title of the town/city in the image name.

How to make changes your Tour Description or price

Send an email to with the changes you'd like made to

Frequently Asked Questions

When, how and how much do I get paid?

Virtual Tour Guides get paid on the 1st of every month via PayPal. If you need to update your PayPal email address, send an email to Virtual Tour Guides receive 75% commission on booking fees for his/her tour.

How will people find out about my Tour?

Let's Go Virtually will promote Tours in the following ways: - Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok) - Paid advertising through social media and Google - Search engine optimization - Partnerships with various organizations, influencers, etc. - Electronic newsletters - Word of mouth Virtual Tour Guides are encouraged to promote their tours through their own social media, email, by telling friends and family, etc.

What equipment do I need to give my Tour?

Tours must be livestreamed using a smart phone with reliable cell service so they can be livestreamed via Zoom. Guides are required to ensure that the location where the tour will be given has good connectivity. Some people prefer to use a Selfie Stick or Gimbal Tripod, otherwise the phone can be handheld. Airpods are highly recommended so that the Guide can hear participants and to cut out background noise.

How long should my Tour be?

Tour times can vary, but at this time we are recommending the Tours be about 30 minutes with about 10 minutes at the end for Q&A.

What should I include in my Tour?

- A 30-minute walking tour should include about six points of interest. - You can ask people to rename themselves to include where they are calling in from. Remember, you will have people from all over the world joining your tour. - Ask people to mute themselves at the beginning of the tour. - Begin the tour by introducing youself and the place your giving a tour of, and tell why you are qualified to give the tour. - Explain how guests can interact with you during the tour - use the Zoom "raise hand" feature or raise their hand in person if they'd like to ask a question or use the chat. - When walking between points of interest, have the camera facing you so that guests get to "know" you and since the scenery might not be that interesting. - When walking to the next point of interest, share your knowledge of the area (history, geography, pop culture, favorite spots). - When stopping at a point of interest, check the chat to see if there are questions you'd like to answer (don't feel obligated to answer them ALL). - Ask attendees questions to get them involved (have they been to the area you're giving a tour of, what's their favorite restaurant there, where are they calling in from). They can reply via chat, or unmute themselves. - Try not to talk TO people taking the tour, but talk WITH them. - At the end of the tour, leave time for Q&A.

What COVID-related protocols are required?

You must wear a face covering where required during your tour. Check with your local County Health Department for updates on requirements.

Do I need a business license or permit to give Virtual Tours?

It is your responsibility to check with your city to see if a business license or permit is required.

How much should I charge for my Tour?

At this time, it is up to you to set the rate of your tour. You will earn a 75% commission on booking fees for your tour. This policy is subject to change. If you'd like to change the rate of your tour at any time, send an email to

What if there is bad weather during my Tour?

Tour guides are allowed to cancel tours with 24 hours notice. Guests who registered will be given a full refund. Please review the full Cancellation Policy.

What if I get sick and can't give my Tour?

Tour guides are allowed to cancel tours with 24 hours notice. Guests who registered will be given a full refund. Please review the full Cancellation Policy. You cannot have someone give the tour for you. Only approved guides can give tours.

Can I give Tours of more than one area?

Yes! We encourage you to try giving tours of different areas where you live. But each itinerary and tour must be approved before it will be available to book on the website

Will I be the only person giving a Virtual Tour in my town/city?

No. We will offer various tours in the same city, given by different tour guides, but we will not offer the same itinerary. For example, if you are giving a tour of North Beach in San Francisco, you will be the only one giving that tour, but someone else might be offering a tour of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

What if no one books my tour?

Since we are a new company, it will take some time to get the word out. You might not get bookings right away, but you will know 24 hours in advance if no one has booked your tour, so you will not need to show up for that tour.

Can I have someone else film me giving my Tour?

Yes! If you are OK splitting the commission with someone else, by all means, you can have a "camera person" on your team!

Can I have someone else answering the chat questions during the tour?

Yes! If you are OK splitting the commission with someone else, you can have a co-host at a computer, answering the chat questions while you are giving the tour. That person can also be unmuted to answer the questions live during the tour.