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  • You have the choice to view any area of San Diego that you wish.

    40 US dollars
  • Get a live glimpse of the historic and beautiful Red Square.

    9.99 US dollars
  • Take a live-streaming tour of this undiscovered jewel of Italy.

    9.99 US dollars
  • Live virtual tour of La Jolla Cove

    9.99 US dollars
  • Take a real-time tour of the charming seaside town of Laguna Beach.

    4.99 US dollars
Let’s Go Virtually offers live-streaming virtual tours via Zoom by knowledgable locals who live in exciting destinations. The tours take place live, in the streets of popular  towns and cities across the globe. They offer engaging opportunities for people to explore places they’ve never been or want to revisit, from the comfort of their own home…saving them time, money, hassle, and exposure to the Coronavirus. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can join our Virtual Tours. 

What is a Virtual Tour?

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